Kids Classes

Fun learning to develop creativity, motor skills and flexibility
with our Capoeira for Children sessions
You and Your Kids Will Love our Capoeira programmes

Tiny Jinga

For 3 to 5 years old
Ingraining physical and mental health from very young age. Our Tiny programme is based on playing games to help the little ones discover their body natural movement through Capoeira learning skills for life


  • Music and Rhythm
  • Portuguese language
  • Capoeira moves and acrobatics
  • Play and social interaction

Little Jinga

From 6 years old
Our Little Jinga programme offers a ‘play and train’ setup, games for children to develop social skills and creativity, and training for discipline, motor skills and resilience. In combination, building physical, social and mental aspects of health like no other programme


  • Music and Rhythm
  • Capoeira moves and acrobatics
  • Play and social interaction
  • Structured training
  • Classes in English with Portuguese elements


My 4-year-old daughter absolutely LOVES Capoeira! It’s the best class she does and has pretty much everything you could want – gymnastics, music, cultural tradition, collective spirit and a performance aspect that is great for her confidence. It’s also great for discipline – the teachers command real respect and really understand how to run a class for kids of this age. At the same time it’s really joyous and fun. I couldn’t recommend it more highly

Dr. Michael Bloomfield (Chiswick)

Kids Timetable

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, self-defence, music, rhythm and play; enhancing creativity, fitness, discipline, wellbeing and confidence.

What can Capoeira offer your children?

  • Connector.

    Improving cognitive skills

  • Connector.

    Developing listening, communication and observation skills

  • Connector.

    Encouraging team working and peer learning

  • Connector.

    Enhancing creativity and and self expression in a safe environment

  • Connector.

    Increasing self-esteem and confidence through mastering new skills

Key Pillars of our Kids Programmes



Team work


My son CJ (Gafanhoto) has been attending Capoeira with JINGA JINGA for 4 years from the age of 5, he absolutely loves it. He has a lot of energy and has become much more focused because of the classes. Capoeira has improved his social skills and it is also a great exercise. Sereia  makes the classes fun and is an excellent teacher with lots of patience.

Sol (Hayes, Middlesex)

Give Your Children a Present for Life

Drop In Class £12.00

Drop In classes are great for trials and to have total flexibility

  • To spend in 3 months
  • 1 class @ £12.00

Six-pack Classes £55.00

6-pack Classes are great for people who wants more flexibility but would like a better value by buying in advance

  • To spend in 6 months
  • 6 classes @ £55.00
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Full Term £96.00

12 weeks term with one or two weeks half term break.

  • Great value for money
  • 12 classes @ £96.00
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Full Year

Our full year pack is the best value for money. It includes three terms of 12 weeks each and the discounted annual grading fee. It can be transferred to any of our London schools

  • Available from September 2019