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Our Adults and Kids classes, Online programmes and Personal Training use Rio-infused combination of movement from the Brazilian dance-martial art supported by decades of knowledge of worldwide recognised Capoeira Athletes and Experts in the Fitness arena delivering fun and effective training experience.

Jinga Jinga

The ‘Ginga’ is the fundamental move in Capoeira. It is a constant, rhythmic, movement that can be interpreted with individualistic style from where more advanced techniques emanate from including kicks, feints and escapes. ‘Jinga’ is a satiric misspelling of Ginga which is easier to pronounce by English-speaking population
  • Movement starts from the centre of the body and extends outwards to arms, shoulders, torso and legs providing total synchronisation and dynamic equilibrium
  • Continuous movement strengthens glutes, lower back, abdominals and legs
  • Weight travels through the balls of your feet improving balance
  • Flowing movements improve stabilisation of knee, hip and ankle joints
Jinga Jinga Instructor

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Jinga Jinga Instructor

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Professional medical advice should be looked prior to participating in any exercise programme.
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