Our ambition is to engage employees in physical activity and motivate them to develop healthier behaviours, helping to improve quality of life and as a result business performance.

This is a proactive approach to healthcare and wellbeing that will benefit the employers and employees


How it works?

We run morning, lunch or after work onsite JINGA JINGA® sessions.

A gym or studio is not necessary, the majority of corporate programmes are held on vacant office space so fold away the tables and chairs and lets get moving the Brazilian way.

Choose from flexi 30 or 60 min classes.
The amount of participants will depend on the size of the training area.

Morning sessions onsite are great to start the day full of energy, guilt free and ready to rock.

Or if you prefer, after work sessions to avoid the hassle to get to the gym. Arrive home early to do what you most love. No more cooking after 10pm.


  • Improve staff loyalty and productivity.
  • Lower stress.
  • Reduce staff turnover and absences.
  • A priceless positive impact on corporate lifestyle.

Discover JINGA JINGA® onsite classes and how this will improve your Business KPIs.

Professional medical advice should be looked prior to participating in any exercise programme.
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