Healthy Eating Weekly Menu for Fat Loss

Together with our Senior Nutritionist Consultant we have put together a healthy eating guide and a Menu for Fat Loss, this is not a personalised diet and you will realise there is no quantities in the menu, this is for you to have an example on how to better distribute nutrients eating a variety of food types and colours and making sure that you keep your body fuelled throughout the day.
General Recommendations:
  • Use as little oil as possible to cook
  • To spread, pass a napkin in the pan. Ideally coconut oil, otherwise extra virgin olive oil.
  • Eat a variety of food types and colours to better distribute nutrients
  • Keep hydrated. Drink the required amount of water for your activities and lifestyle
  • Alcohol and cigarettes will work against your objective therefore avoid if possible.
  • When eating out, skip bread and desserts. Couple the salad with your main dish and replace fries side with veggies or leafs.
  • Eat more boiled, grilled or baked food instead of fried.
  • Eat slowly, metabolism starts in the month, chew your food properly.
  • Follow the amount and timing for meals, as a guideline, eat every 3 hours from breakfast to dinner.
  • Use salt with moderation. Foods with too much salt should be avoided. Choose natural spices instead (oregano, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, saffron).
  • Limit the amount of mayonnaise, butter, cream, bacon, salami, sausage,
  • Eat fresh, cottage or ricotta cheese instead of yellow cheese or cheddar
  • Avoid soft drinks (including light)
  • For salads, as a dressing you can use lemon or lime and vinegar, also a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Do not use plastic containers in the microwave, place food on a plate or glass recipient


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