Week 1 Objectives – 8 WK Challenge


I am very happy that you have decided to challenge yourself and start this 8WK Capoeira Challenge with me. Here you will find your week 1 Objectives.

1) To train at least 3x a week. You will soon receive weekly routines to train from home or anywhere if you are not attending your regular group class.

2) How much water should you drink? The calculation can be a bit tricky as you would need to find out first the minimum amount of water your body needs when you are at rest and then add water requirements for your exercise sessions and any physical activities. You can try to do this yourself or simply go to Hydration Calculator and find out in seconds.

Fórmula: Minimum water required (in Ounces) = Body weight in pounds / 2

3) Are you eating enough proteins? There has been numerous studies on how much protein you should take, this can also vary from level of activity and type however they all come to one conclusion, which is: If you are training regularly and intensively you need a lot more protein than the average couch potato.

Dr. Peter Lemon is well recognised on the subject and based on his studies he recommends 1.6-1.8 g/kg of protein. Or even higher for more experienced athletes.

You can try this Protein Calculator which I particularly like because it’s very simple and follows the mentioned principles.

In the next section you will find out what to do with the numbers above… the homework today is to get your figures and maintain the positive attitude to keep going on this challenge.