Black Skinshoes 19cm


Pamper your feet with JINGA JINGA SKINSHOES to protect and support, wrapping tightly around your feet.
Made with an anti-sweat eco breathable material and anti-slip silicone sole.

For a Barefoot Feeling



The JINGA JINGA Skinshoes are ultra-light, designed to help you make the most of your training typically done in bare feet, such as Capoeira, Yoga, Dance, Barre, Pilates and many more…
The silicone zig-zag sole allows a more natural rotational movement without adding unnecessary friction that puts pressure on your joints, whilst offering an anti-slip benefit and padded support.

The high quality neoprene material wraps your feet comfortably creating a cosy and at the same time barefoot feeling. Now you don’t have to compromise the feel and look of your feet after having those intense training sessions.

Material: ultra soft, eco friendly neoprene
Size: S (35-36) M (37-39) L (42-44) – Europe
Length Guide: S (18cm) M (19cm) L (20.5cm)
*Length refers to the measurement from your heel to just before the start of your toes

Weight: Approx. 70-80g